Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photos of the Recital

So here we go again - might overplay my hand today a little bit but I just wanted to bring this out there, mainly because people want to see how gorgeous (yet badly compared to everyone else who was there) I looked.

It's been a long long time...

I hate to do this but the last few weeks left me no choice but to start my new post with an apology. I wasn't able to write for quite some time and I really regret not taking the time. My holidays in Germany where the best two weeks I've ever spend in Germany which is not so much about the quality of the week as it is about how great it is to see friends, parents and siblings again after not seeing them for such a long time. Strange as it may seem, while feeling at home and absolutely happy, I missed Bath and the people around. In fact I thought more about Bath and the upcoming 2nd term then about things to do in Germany. Nevertheless my weeks were packed with events, parties, meeting people and of cause: Christmas. Oh what a wonderful time of the year. My flight got cancelled and I was scared of the idea to not spend Christmas with my family but in England. Luckily I found my way back to France by train and ferry where my parents - perfect as they have always been picked me up and drove me safely home. A true Christmas miracle if I may say so and seeing that this is my blog: I may.