Friday, June 24, 2016

Consequences of the Referendum

This is probably the saddest day for me personally as a young European... I grew up with nothing but a feeling of unity. It was always clear to me, that Europe was one in spirit, with all the differences still to embrace.
The vote of the British people feels like a slap in the face. It feels like me and many of my European friends have been betrayed by fear. It's not about not recognising the legitimacy of the British people's vote but about recognising that this is really how they feel.
For the first time since I was born, Europe does not feel quite right. Something has broken and who knows how long it'll take to heal. It is a victory of fear over a vision. A vision of an ever closer union, which felt so right, so very natural to me. Maybe I'm one of the few who felt like this, but here I stand. United with those who share this idea, across counties and hopefully still across newly founded borders.
For those people who fought to remain in the EU I could not feel more sad. You have my deepest respect and I am hoping you will be fine wherever this journey will lead you; will lead us. There will always be people in Europe who will welcome every single one of you with open arms.

May what unites us be stronger than what tries only to divide.

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