Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Trips and Rain

Finally it's time for yet another entry in what has become a rather inactive blog. Exam period and my time in Germany was surprisingly time consuming. Luckily there was not a lot happening in this time anyway so I'll skip straight to the good part or well the part after exams.
Naturally you would think, the second you finish your exams you'd want to have a couple of drinks. Surprisingly enough I did but let's not get into that.

Starting last Saturday travelling in the UK started again. Firstly with a university organized trip to Dorset and secondly with a road trip to Cornwall and Devon. First things first and with little words and some pictures, I'd like to take you through the two day journey with the university group.

As you might have realized by now, there were not many words lost here. In fact none at all about the trip really so far. I have to say that apart from what you can see, there is not much to say. It was a nice trip with great photo opportunities that fascinated me but did not really have that extra something. Nevertheless I really enjoyed it.

Sunday night we went to karaoke and had loads of fun. It also meant that I needed every second of sleep I could get on Monday because Tuesday morning it would be time for THE road trip.
So Tuesday morning we started driving towards the very South-West of England. According to the weather forecast we would not be so lucky. Thanks to the unpredictability of English weather, it was al right in the end. The first proper stop in Lynmouth gave us a feeling of what we could expect in the next four days. Absolutely amazing scenery and the smell of the Atlantic Ocean. A taste of this will follow in the pictures later. The second stop was at Combe Martin which on its own would have been worth the journey. Wonderful beaches and cliffs joined together to form a marvellous place. Those two stops have taken up a lot of the day and so we headed to the Riversford Hotel in Bideford afterwards. The Hotel was really nice with a great sea view and all of that for just £ 25 per person. After eating in a nice local pub and sleeping in a nice and comfortable bed we had an amazing breakfast and drove off to Morwenstow, which for me personally was the highlight of the trip. After driving for around 20km on a street as wide as my car, we arrived ad Morwenstow, which is a village with about four houses and an old church. Nothing special there? No but a sign "Public Footpath" leads to the most exciting and beautiful cliffs I have ever seen. It was so fantastic, I cannot even find words to describe it and it has to be astonishing if even I cannot find words any more. Next we stopped at yet another beach with cliffs before we arrived in St Ives in our hostel - which wasn't really a hostel, but more like a students' ran guest house. After arriving, we've left to see a play at the Minack Theatre. The Minack Theatre is an open air theatre right at the coast. So you can see a play and if it is really really bad or boring, you can just look up or left or right a little bit and you'll find yourself looking at the Atlantic Ocean. Brilliant!
Spending the morning of the third day in St Ives, we drove off to see Land's End which was more than just a small disappointment and we immediately left and headed to Saint Michael's Mount then. Funny story: Can you imagine leaving your car keys inside your locked car in a foreign country? Well, I can. Anyway I decided to wait and enjoy St. Michael's Mount for two hours totally not related to waiting for a locksmith or anything!
While waiting, we've met two of our friends from Bath who were visiting Cornwall as well. Isn't the world small? Knowing how to open a car with just a piece of metal in less than two seconds, we drove off to hour guest house in St Austell instantly. The Karmary Guest House was amazing and a true recommendation for all visiting the area around St Austell.
The next day we went to see the Eden Project. It was pure amazing yet quite expensive.

And now, for the fun part. Pictures:
Lynmouth and surroundings:

 Combe Martin:

Riversford Hotel:


Bedruthian Steps:

Minack Theatre:

St Ives:
St Michael's Mount:

Eden Project:

And finally my first ever published panorama picture:

I hope you are all well and that I'll see you soon

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